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  • Robot Programming, Simulation, Maintenance

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Our products are developed specifically to solve the unique challenges in building and running robot cells.

By focusing on robotic systems, Automation IG's products resolve challenges other products leave unaddressed. Field tested and proven, our products can quickly reduce costs and improve productivity.

OI-15 Industrial HMIHuman Machine Interface

Our OI-15 is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) for industrial applications built specifically for manufacturing environments. Our design features a sleek, IP65, fanless enclosure. The latest design utilizes a hardened, tough touchpad capable of withstanding impacts, cuts, scratches, and burns. It is available with our embedded OI HMI software or Windows for your own applications. Key features include:

  • Dual wired network interfaces plus included wireless
  • Onboard SSD harddrive
  • 12-24v DC Power
  • Hardened touchpad compatible with gloved hands.
  • Sleek, IP65, fanless design.

OI BuilderHMI Programming Software

OI is our embedded software solution for our industrial OI-15 HMI. Key features include:

  • Simple application management and storage
  • User access control with passwords or RFID
  • VPN, VNC, FTP, and USB for management and application transfer
  • Network camera, Remote Desktop (RDP and VNC) support
  • Customizable web interfaces
  • Scripts provide access to powerful Linux utilities for advanced customization
  • PostgreSQL and SQLite databases
  • NAT and port forwarding to isolate equipment network from factory network, or pass-through cell programming port
  • Utilize ad-hoc wireless network for convenient on-site support

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Pneumatic Toggle ClampToggle Clamp

Pneumatic toggle clamps for use in automated fixturing. Innovative features designed to reduce the complexity of fixtures such as:

  • Compatible with SMC and Parker pneumatic cylinders
  • Light-weight aluminum housing
  • Specialized wear plates and bushings to reduce wear and extend clamp life
  • Available with integrated advance/retract sensor
  • 63mm available with free-rotating cylinder

Modular Gripper ComponentsModular Gripper

Designed to simplify gripper design and construction. Each component manufactured from billet aluminum using high-precision CNC machines. Off the shelf components for a variety of mounting and orientation needs.

  • 40mm and 60mm tubes
  • Threaded inserts for additional strength

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